A good start

mai 2, 2012

For the sake of making this an international blog, and at some point move it to my main site, I will from now on write in english. Feel free to correct my grammar/spelling. Also all bold and italic are links.

This been said let’s move on to the story of today, or how I managed to go offroad with my cruiser/chopper bike. First thing let’s make it clear, I wanted to reach rocker’s festival in Garnic. I have found out about this festival by watching a youtube comment of one of the bands and after I looked at the line-up i saw some good rock bands and decided i should attend this festival. All this said i have prepared myself and my girlfriend for some cold nights camping (the weather forecast was a bit on the low temp). Here is the route I have taken http://g.co/maps/jgr8p  .  To all you non romanians out there let me clarify this a bit for you, the whole route until point C (Orsova) is grrrrreat. Smooth ride, lots of curves, going through some forests, pretty f-ing nice. After Orsova you have 100 km (60 miles?) to Moldova Noua, and here my friends is where the adventure begins, because you see in our country some roads are neglected completely, and even though the Danube is awesome and you literary drop your jaw when you see it, and when you cruise on its side, still you have to be careful at the road as you can see here and here  .

When you reach Moldova Noua you still have 15 km through the forest to reach the festival place. And this road my friends is not only bad, it is also upwards and winding 🙂 , OH YEAH! 350 kg of bike that I have to handle while loaded with two saddlebags and a big baggage on my custom-made sissy bar. I have heard that some of the bikers didn’t make it because they broke their oil tanks 😦 .

Needless to say that one of my saddlebags managed to touch the exhaust pipe and now I am switching to hardbags. Finally we reach the location  , everything looks very nice, the beer costs only 3 RON (under 1USD) and food is both bar-b-q and local stuff like sarmale, gulas and chicken legs with cabbage . We set our tent  (there is a bonus if you spot „the cow” in this picture 😛 ) and then we start drinking

First band are some guys from Serbia who do weird covers of other bands. After a while we get used to their style, we even start to dig them, personally I won’t mind seeing them again.

Also some locals , one of the reason I attended to this festival

The next day we took a stroll in the village, which i found out that is one of the last Czech village in Romania. Also we admired some of the bikes like this one  and also this one and a Kawasaki GT 750

We also shot the bow and arrow and did a bit of  Tyrolean from one tree to other :P. Some more food some more music and a lot of beer, all in all it was good fun, except the road which I swore that I won’t go there again unless with V-Strom or Dominator :P.

Actually theses guys are the reason I found out about this festival … they had it in the details of their clip

and last but not least link to the whole album where you can see how we cook a calf and then how it looks after a few hours.



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